6 Top Weight Loss Symbian Apps

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Are you trying to lose weight? Do you get discouraged after going on a diet only to find you’re not able to stick to it? Do you want something that’ll help you create a diet plan and keep track of calories for you? These five weight loss applications for Symbian phones might just be the answer for your requirements.

6 Top Weight Loss Symbian Apps


Diet To go gives you an estimated figure of the amount of weight you need to lose after analyzing your body type and several other factors. Diet2go contains the largest collection of diet plans that can be adapted to every taste and preference.

Diet2go’s plan manager provides specific instructions, which you can follow on a day-to-day basis to achieve your goals. That apart, the application also reminds you via your phone calendar of meal times and nutritional schedules.


NutriLog helps you keep track of your nutrient and calorie consumption, irrespective of the kind of diet you’re following. I have found it to be working with highly popular diets like Diet To Go, Bistro MD, Kellogg’s, etc. You could be on a physician-restricted diet, or dieting to cut down fat or cholesterol values, or even trying to lose weight.

NutriLog will support you by maintaining a log of what you eat during the day, reminding you when you’re not meeting your goals. NutriLog’s official USDA nutrient table-based built-in food database provides you the most accurate values.

My Weight Monitor

My Weight Monitor is a great application if you’re weight conscious. Using this application, you can set your weight goal, track your daily weight loss progress and generate graphs of your weight-loss history on a regular basis. Weight Monitor is the right application for you, whether you’re try to lose weight, gain weight or maintain your existing weight. My Weight Monitor helps you keep track of your weight progress history, and provides recommendations for your ideal weight based on your height and body type.

Noom Coach: Well being & Weight Professional

noom app

Noom App is designed that will help you develop wholesome way of life decisions & attain your weight reduction objectives. In contrast to a calorie counter, Noom Coach supplies help — backed by science — that will help you make lasting way of life modifications.

Altering Your Physique Begins By Altering Your Mind.”

Make the leap from understanding what you must do to get wholesome to truly doing one thing about it with the assistance of a devoted Noom coach. Your coach will comply with what you’re doing within the app and help you thru a structured program tailor-made to your particular well being objectives.

Select from a spread coached packages, created by physicians, which are designed to stop or handle persistent circumstances reminiscent of diabetes and hypertension.

Utilized by over 15 million individuals worldwide, Noom will provide help to not solely shed extra pounds, but in addition progressively grasp the habits you might want to get and keep wholesome for the long run. In contrast to different calorie counters or meals monitoring apps, Noom’s educated coaches will enable you to attain your well being objectives.


Fast foods have become a part of our lives. It’s difficult to separate fast foods from our daily intake, since we’re all pressed for time. Given this fact, an application like Fast Food Finder is worth its weight in gold. Using FastFoodFinder, you can navigate the temptations of the fast food market and decide what foods to eat.

Fast Food Finder displays the complete nutrition details of over 700 fast food items from a selected view of restaurants. You’ll get a listing of the fat grams, total calories, and the amount of saturated fat, percentage of calories from fat, cholesterol, sodium, and carbohydrates and so on.


Diets helps you set up a weight loss program that suits you, and helps you stay on track. Input your body profile, weight objective and start your way to a healthier life. The application recommends the ideal diet plan to you based on your personal profile, such as Medifast, Nutrisystem, or any other named diet.

Based on your BMI and BMR along with height, weight and age information, Diets automatically calculates the calories you are presently burning during a day. Based on your ideal weight loss target, the application lets you know how much you need to burn every day to achieve your target.

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