Can You Eat Meat on a Raw Food Diet?

One of the biggest changes a person may face when converting to a raw food diet is the lack of meat. The raw food diet is typically a vegetarian one since most, if not all meat products must be, or are already cooked. This may be a challenge for some people who have meat as part of their daily diet and lifestyle, especially when meat is eaten as part of every meal as it often as.

So can you eat meat on a raw food diet?

Meat on a Raw Food Diet

The answer is technically no, since all meat must be cooked. There is of course the subject of sushi. Many people argue that sushi can be eaten on the diet,as it is a raw food. This often consists of raw fish and seaweed. Many raw foodists enjoy this as part of their regular diet whilst the true die hard raw foodists do not think this should be considered as part of the diet.

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There is not anything technically wrong with eating raw fish as part of the diet as long as it is prepared correctly and is definitely fresh. There are of course, the risk associated with eating raw fish and certain groups of people should avoid doing this, such as pregnant women. Animal products are generally avoided on the raw food diet and you may experience extra benefits of sticking to this tradition.

These days, in the modern times that we live in, animal products such as meat, fish and eggs are farmed and not organic. This means that they are full of pollutants and chemicals such as antibiotics and growth hormones which really do not do any good at all. If you can find organic versions of the raw foods that you eat then this will be to your advantage. You will be getting a better, healthier version and also promoting better living conditions for the animals themselves.

Advantages of Eating a Raw Food Diet

The raw food diet has gained a lot in popularity over the last few years. It is suddenly very stylish to eat raw foods and many celebrities are jumping on the trend. It certainly is a very healthy way of eating and can increase the feeling of health and vitality greatly for the people that eat it.

There are certainly a lot of advantages of eating a raw food diet. Here are the main advantages which you have already guessed but also some more which aren’t so obvious:

Raw foods contain a lot more nutrients than cooked food does. Particularly microwave cooking can reduce the amount of nutrients contained within foods. Doctors and scientists saw that over 70% of nutrients are lost in foods that have been cooked in the microwave.

The digestive system is helped and enhanced. This is because foods enzymes are destroyed in the cooking process. These enzymes are naturally designed to help the digestion of food and help you to absorb more of its nutrients.

Hunger is reduced. Your body will feel less hungry, less often because it is getting all the nutrients it needs from the amount of food your are getting already. This means that you will be more likely to want to eat less and be less hungry. This is a great advantage if you want to lose weight on this diet.

You will look and feel much younger. Nutrients are so important for staying young. When you are starved of this nutrients in an unhealthy, vitamin and mineral low diet your looks will suffer as a result. With the raw foods diet this isn’t a problem. You will be getting all the nutrients you need to stay looking young.

You will feel energized and happier. Eating natural, healthy food is so much better for your health and well being, not only mentally, but physically, and spiritually too. Eating this diet will give you a new lease of life and is not just an eating plan but a whole new way of life.

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