Healthy Juices Vegetables Make Best Healthy Juices

Best Healthy Juices

Healthy Juices Vegetables May Make the Best Healthy Juice: I have friends who swear by the benefits of healthy juices.  Stories include how juicing helped their loved ones recover from cancer or go into remission.  Those are pretty strong testimonials to juicing fruits and vegetables at home.

What Makes the Best Healthy Juices?

Best Healthy Juices

Although many of us love fruit juice, it is actually not the best way to consume fruit.  Fruit is usually high in sugar and it takes many pieces of fruit to fill a glass.  You also lose many of the health benefits of consuming juice when you simply squeeze out the juice and leave all the fiber-rich pulp behind.  So when you sum up all the calories of fruit juice and add the loss of fiber, you may find that fruit doesn’t make the best healthy juices.  If you are going to drink fruit juice, such as citrus, juicing at home is better than consuming store bought.  Usually, juice you purchase at the market has been heated to ensure shelf life.  Heating juice reduces its nutritional value.  Also, you can get more pulp from home juicing than you would a store bought product.  Still, a piece of fruit may be the best form to consume fruit.

Vegetables May Make the Best Healthy Juices

Another choice for healthy juices are vegetables.  Vegetables are naturally low in calories and sugar.  They breakdown well into a juice form.  You usually put the entire vegetable into the juicer and pulverize it so that you maintain most of the benefits of the vegetable.  Juicing vegetables is a great way to get all those enzymes we need to replenish as we get older.  Making up  a mix of vegetables will provide you with an array of cancer fighting and age delaying anti-oxidants as well as offer you a chance to explore great tasting combinations.  Adding wheat or barley grass to vegetable juices is also very popular and a great way to get the added grass health benefit without taking a straight shot, which some people find a little difficult to swallow!

Juicing has also been recommended as a way to consume the needed amount vegetables without feeling so full.  It has also been recommended as a lifestyle/diet change supporting a cancer treatment plan that combines conventional and alternative options.

Healthy Juices are Comprised of Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Unfortunately the conventional methods of growing fruits and vegetables in the US includes using a great deal of toxic pesticides.  You may think you are doing your body a favor by juicing, but if you are not choosing organic fruits and vegetables, you may be overburdening your liver.  Your liver is tasked with detoxification and by consuming organic fruits and vegetables you support your liver health.  For a list of the best and worst fruits and vegetables as they relate to pesticides, get a copy of the food guide from the Environmental Working Group.

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Juicing can be a beneficial way to get all the needed vegetables in your diet.  Juicing at home produces a better product that what you can purchase at the store as much of the juice at the market has been pasteurized and heated, reducing the nutritional benefit.  However, you must enjoy your juice when you make it.  It is definitely affected by bacteria and spoils easily, so if you are going to juice, you must do it often.  And for the best healthy juices, start with organic produce.

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